Welcome To My blog--my name is Barb and I am a weaver in a small town in Wisconsin called Dell. Actually it is more of a place than a town but I love living in the middle of nowhere. I am a weaver and my studio name is"COULD HAVE BEEN A PIANO" I always said I was going to learn how to play the piano, but as luck would have it I met a wonderful group of women weavers and was hooked. I have been weaving for three years or so but have been addicted to fiber since I started knitting when I was about 10. I still love to knit and do some spinning and dying as well. I love natural fiber and texture. I like to use thrift store finds and use my imagination.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

So I Put A Bird On It

Several years ago I was at a local auction and saw what I thought was a really nice foot stool.  I think I paid $10 for it and when I got it home it was not so nice at all-plastic leather and China made.  So I have been pushing it around since that time always thinking what I could do with it.  We had this very neat "Army" blanket that was somewhat the worse for wear and I thought "why not".  Since the winter has been snow less here I went up into my woods and picked up some leaves and began.  Towards the end I thought it needed a little boost so I put a bird on it!  I like it and so does my old cat who has begun camping out on it.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Its Magic

Somehow I always think it is magic when what looks like a jumble of ends actually works! Maybe cause I've been known to have a jumble of ends that don't work!  Anyway it always amazes me when what was in my head actually works! I used 16/2 cotton at 30 epi and I think it will be fine for the chair cushions.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Back to Weaving

It is good to be back to weaving.  I thought a lot about what I wanted to do next and decided to make 4 chair covers.  I rearranged my studio and set up my jack loom.  I have another rep weave project in my head but need to put on four more shafts before I can do it so I thought this would be a good interim project.  So I got out my favorite book and decided on Goose eye.  I had a lot of 16/2 cotton and decided to make all four of them somewhat different.
The gold on the lower left is going to be the background and then I will make the four cushions with each of the other colors--at least that is the plan for now.  I decided to add a 1" stripe in each of the colors  thinking that this would combine them as a group.
We will see--it is good to be back weaving again.