Welcome To My blog--my name is Barb and I am a weaver in a small town in Wisconsin called Dell. Actually it is more of a place than a town but I love living in the middle of nowhere. I am a weaver and my studio name is"COULD HAVE BEEN A PIANO" I always said I was going to learn how to play the piano, but as luck would have it I met a wonderful group of women weavers and was hooked. I have been weaving for three years or so but have been addicted to fiber since I started knitting when I was about 10. I still love to knit and do some spinning and dying as well. I love natural fiber and texture. I like to use thrift store finds and use my imagination.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Back to Weaving--Its Been A Long Time!!!!

 When I was a child my parents took a trip to Canada and came home with Trapper Point, Hudson Bay Blankets.  I have two of them and have not used them for years.  I thought They would make great rugs.  I have never been happy with the rugs I have made. They never seem to have enough "heft" to them.  This time I think it might be different.

I sett the warp at 4 per inch and cut the blanket 1/2 inch wide.  I actually like the way the stripes of color work out--they seem random but really are not.  I think I may give the rug to my kids in Colorado who are in the process of installing hard wood flooring in their living room.  I may have enough for two.  Who knows.

Friday, November 16, 2012

My Whacking Cat

So this is my cat. She is at least 11 years old and really doesn't like to hang out with me a lot. Anyway, I am still into whacking glass and today she decided to join in the fun.  This is my third and last mirror-then I am back to weaving. I have been busy in my Studio trying to straighten things out and get rid of some of the stuff.  I have made some progress but not enough. I am aiming to have this mirror done by Thanksgiving and then go back to weaving--a rug this time out of some Hudson Bay Blankets that I have had since I was a kid--we shall see.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Something Different

I decided to take a short break from weaving. We took a trip last month out East.  When I was in Canada I saw some great mosaic mirrors in a Craft Co-op and decided I would like to make some.  A good friend, Angie, has a great stash of glass and I paid her a visit.  On that same trip we went to Acadia National Park in Maine and I picked up some shells, pebbles and sea glass.  The mirrors were a junk store find, I got two for $7.  This one is going to Colorado as a gift.  I miss weaving and am going to start some hemp towels next week. 

Friday, September 14, 2012


All Done!!!!!! I think I am done with this weave for a long time.  It was really fun to do and I learned so much from it.  I love the curtains.  Next I am going to make fabric to cover a love seat that I got at an auction for ten dollars or so.  Still have a lot of hemp to use and am going to mix it with 16/2 cotton. We'll see, there are always the giant "whacking" scissors.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Some for our house....

I delivered the curtains to my son's home in Colorado.....they looked smashing and they both liked them a lot. So I decided to make two more pairs for our house.  They are a little different.  Instead of using 10/2 cotton I used Hemp. Really.  I got an enormous cone for a very reasonable price.  It is fun to weave with, much like linen I think.  The stripe is some linen I have been hording for a long time.  I think it looks great.  There was very little shrinkage, none in the width and maybe an inch or two in the length.  I want to get the second set done before we leave for New England in a couple of weeks.  The rods are made by my son who is a blacksmith artist living in Colorado.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Its way too hot to wear it but.....

 This shawl is knit as a sample for my friend Angie.  She dyes a lot of yarn for a sheep and wool festival in the fall and thought it would be fun to have some samples.  It was fun to knit, a little odd in how it was constructed but I think it turned out fine.  It is about 100 here today so needless to say I won;t be wearing it soon.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

One Pair is Done

I finished the first pair of panels to send to my kids in Colorado--the window they will put them on is quite a bit smaller so it is a little hard to tell exactly how they will look but I think they will look smashing!!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The first panel is done

The first panel is done--I really like it. Now I have to warp another one, too bad I had to whack off 18" on the first warp, darn that mistake!!!! Anyway, I don't mind threading--this is an easy one.  Now I am torn between just hanging the panels off some very cool rods or making shades, what do you think?

Friday, June 15, 2012

My Summer Project

I have always wanted to try this weave--A Swedish one from Vav.  My son and his wife have moved into a "fixer upper" and have been doing a lot of work on their bedroom/bath.  They live in Colorado.  So I am making two Roman shades for the bedroom.  I decided to weave each piece of fabric in half sections as my loom will not make the wider piece of fabric.  I also think it is easier to weave this way. I am using 10/2 pearl cotton.  It weaves up very fast. I want to get them done before we go to Colorado later in the summer so I can see them hung.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Queen

My husband and I have recently returned from a fabulous trip to Europe.  We spent almost a month traveling by train throughout central Europe.  I usually reject all things made in China but could not resist the "queen".  I found her in Amsterdam (was she on vacation?).  She is solar powered!!!!! Her purse has a mirror and when she is placed in a sunny spot she waves!!!!!! She makes me laugh.  Now back to reality and I am going to weave again soon.  I want to make some curtain material for my son and his wife.  They are remodeling and some roman shades sound perfect.  They are coming to Wisconsin next week and we will figure out the weave pattern then. Till then I will laugh with the queen.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

My New Chair Pads

I am back to weaving and decided that I needed to do something with my old chair pads.  They were pretty old but not worn out so I thought I could use them as a base and make some new ones.  I uses 16/2 cotton and the pattern is goose-eye.  I like that they are each a different color.  I think they will look great when they are all sewn.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

So I Put A Bird On It

Several years ago I was at a local auction and saw what I thought was a really nice foot stool.  I think I paid $10 for it and when I got it home it was not so nice at all-plastic leather and China made.  So I have been pushing it around since that time always thinking what I could do with it.  We had this very neat "Army" blanket that was somewhat the worse for wear and I thought "why not".  Since the winter has been snow less here I went up into my woods and picked up some leaves and began.  Towards the end I thought it needed a little boost so I put a bird on it!  I like it and so does my old cat who has begun camping out on it.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Its Magic

Somehow I always think it is magic when what looks like a jumble of ends actually works! Maybe cause I've been known to have a jumble of ends that don't work!  Anyway it always amazes me when what was in my head actually works! I used 16/2 cotton at 30 epi and I think it will be fine for the chair cushions.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Back to Weaving

It is good to be back to weaving.  I thought a lot about what I wanted to do next and decided to make 4 chair covers.  I rearranged my studio and set up my jack loom.  I have another rep weave project in my head but need to put on four more shafts before I can do it so I thought this would be a good interim project.  So I got out my favorite book and decided on Goose eye.  I had a lot of 16/2 cotton and decided to make all four of them somewhat different.
The gold on the lower left is going to be the background and then I will make the four cushions with each of the other colors--at least that is the plan for now.  I decided to add a 1" stripe in each of the colors  thinking that this would combine them as a group.
We will see--it is good to be back weaving again.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Rooster

I think the rooster is the last animal for a bit.  There are no more in my head right now.  Who knows when the next one will come.  They were really  fun to make.  Used a lot of scraps up and they make me smile

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Smile is a Good January Thing

So this is my angel--she makes me smile!  My inspiration was a set of Christmas plates that I got years ago--probably 25 or more.  They are my favorite holiday things.  They are by an artist from Japan named Kiki. I have tried looking on the web for more information but so far have found little. She is going to have a place of honor in our new nook. I like her a lot.